Terms and Conditions

Marine Promotion Ltd ‘MPL’ and it’s website (www.boatprofiles.com) is a company that photographs, on behalf of the seller, boats and displays them on their website (www.boatprofiles.com) and their social media platforms to potential buyers. MPL does not own of have any financial interest in any of the boats offered for sale.

When booking our services, the seller agrees for MPL and its staff to board their boat for the purpose of taking images and video.

MPL will not be involved in any negotiations, whatsoever, between seller and buyer.

By filling out the contact form on the sellers listing page, the buyer agrees that their personal, identifiable information will be transferred, through the MPL website, (www.boatprofiles.com) to the seller for the purpose of viewing or buying their boat only. MPL has no access to the identifiable, personal information of any buyer and will not display the contact email address of the seller. Once a buyer and seller have been introduced by MPL, any communication between them is by mutual consent.

MPL will not involve themselves in any dispute between buyer and seller.

Whilst MPL and its staff will endeavour not to display images that may identify the owner of the boat this is not always possible. Although the seller will always be invited to approve the listing prior to publishing, MPL cannot be held responsible for such images being displayed.

MPL cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the make or condition of the boat, rigging, engine(s), structure, sails, electronic equipment or any part of the boat offered for sale by the seller. It is the seller’s responsibility to provide and take responsibility for all matters pertaining to the condition and accuracy of the information provided to and published by MPL.

The seller agrees to inform MPL once their boat has been sold.

The MPL website (www.boatprofiles.com) is primarily for the use of private sellers. If professional sellers of boats would like us to photograph their boats for sale, then contact us directly.

The MPL website (www.boatprofiles.com) may contain links to other websites of interest. MPL accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the content or safety of external or 3rd party websites.